Clackamas County Historical Society
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The first meeting of the Clackamas County Historical Society was held July 25 at the Oregon City Library.

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Clackamas County Historical Society was established in 1952 and shortly thereafter began to accept historic objects, photos, and other donated materials from the local community. With humble beginnings, the CCHS collection increased considerably when founding member Mertie Stevens left her childhood home and over 1000 objects to CCHS in 1968. Afterwards the Stevens House Museum opened its doors as a heritage museum and officially put CCHS on the map.



One of the first Clackamas County Historical Society displays exhibited at the Clackamas County Fair in honor of the fair's 50th anniversary.


As the collection continued to grow members soon realized that the preservation and interpretation of Clackamas County’s history required a modern museum building with trained staff. During the 1970s the Latourette family donated the land at the intersection of Second Street and Tumwater in Oregon City for the purposes of public enrichment, and later the site was selected for the new building. In 1985, construction began on the new museum space and September 8, 1989 CCHS opened the End of the Trail Heritage Center, which underwent several name changes before settling on Museum of the Oregon Territory (MOOT) in 1999.




Chocolate-dipped bar fundraising sale to benefit the Clackamas County Historical Society held during the Clackamas County Fair & Rodeo.


Since then our collection has only grown in size, now housing an estimated 30,000 artifacts including over 10,000 digitized photographs. Throughout its 60+ years of operation the Clackamas County Historical Society remains dedicated to enriching the lives of current and future generations through collecting, preserving, and interpreting the heritage of historic Clackamas County.

If you would like to help us in our mission visit our donation page, or consider joining our team of volunteers.