The Clackamas County Historical Society photo collection hosts an estimated 10,000 photos from throughout the ages. Through the effort of dedicated volunteers, we are bringing that collection to you.


  1. Download the pdf guide below. The guide will give you a list of descriptions of photographs from our collection.

  2. From there you can search the pdf to find the perfect photo for your project, promotion, and more. While the document is open, press "Ctrl+F" to open up a search, then type in keywords associated with what you're looking for (ex: "dog," "house," "sunflower")

  3. Once you have found the photo (or photos) you're looking for, take note of the ID numbers associated with the photo, located to the left of the description (ex: "P-4")

  4. Submit an Online Photo Request by completing the form below. DO NOT SEND MULTIPLE REQUESTS FOR THE SAME PHOTO OR BATCH OF PHOTOS.

  5. After submitting the Online Photo Request, please wait for our staff to contact you. We will then pull the photograph from the collection and send you a watermarked version. If you would like to acquire rights to use the photo(s), we will then send you a Photo Release form and, once this form has been processed, you will a high resolution copy of said photo(s). Please note that, depending on the intended use of the photograph, a usage fee may be required.

Please keep in mind that this database is constantly updating. If you do not find a photo you like, check back in a few weeks time to see if new photos have been added.

Last updated: July 18th, 2018


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Please put the Photograph ID below (ex: "P-4"). If you are requesting multiple photos, please separate them with a comma.
Please use this space to describe the intended use of the photographs (personal, business, publication, etc.)