Our museums are dependent on the wonderful generosity of visitors and local community stakeholders. Your donation brings exciting exhibits, keeps admission fees low or free, and allows for schoolchildren to learn about our history (among many other impacts). There are many ways you can support us!

Make an Individual or Recurring Donation

You can give any amount to us:

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Monthly Options

Or, you're always welcome to send us a check (payable to the Museum of the Oregon Territory) or give at one of our museums.

Make a Major Donation ($500+) or Include us in Planning Giving

Help us reach our vision! Make a lasting mark by making a major contribution. Like other museums, there are options of how we can recognize extremely generous contributions, like gallery name-shares or other citations. Or, think about including us in your planned estate! Many champions of local history have done so over the past several years.

To discuss major donations or planned giving, email Museum Manager Jenna Barganski call 503.655.5574. 

Corporate Partnerships

We partner with local companies all the time to bring history to life through interactive exhibits and other actions. Recent corporate partners include Portland General Electric, Bob's Red Mill, and the Midway House. 

To discuss potential corporate partnerships, email Museum Manager Jenna Barganski or call 503.655.5574.