the museum of the oregon territory's most valuable resource is our incredible volunteer community.

If you love History and want to get involved with our exciting team email for more details.   




Our organization is dedicated to enriching the lives of current and future generations through collecting, preserving and interpreting the history of historic Clackamas County.


Jenna Barganski, Museum Manager

Jenna has a professional background in historical collections and the arts. Prior to her position at CCHS she worked as a research assistant for The Oregon Encyclopedia.  In 2018 Jenna received her M.A. in History and Public History from Portland State University.  Her field of interest includes Pacific Northwest history and women’s history. Her most recent project examines Oregon’s female murderers between 1854 and 1950.



Waldo McGinnis, Marketing Director & IT Lead

With a background in Illustration & Graphic Design, Waldo started as a member of the CCHS Volunteer Community and has been curating the historical society's media presence since 2016. In addition to managing the Clackamas County Historical Society social media presence and on-site technology, Waldo has also designed many of the assets featured at MOOT.



Manager of Historic Collections

Staffed by volunteer.




Sara Cone, Volunteer & Visitor Services Coordinator

Bio coming soon!



Board Members

Bruce Hanson,

Wade Byers,
Vice President

John Salisbury,

Tessah Danels,

Marilyn Morrissey,
Past President

Lauren McKean

Tim Garrison

Mike Norris

Jack Hammond

Darlene Judkins

Cherie Kennemer

Denis Gilliam

Flo Merlo

Ed Lindquist

Jim Tompkins
(1947 - 2017)

Open Positions

We are currently not looking for new team members at this time, however we are always accepting applications for dedicated volunteers. Please contact Jenna if you are interested in volunteering at the museum of the Oregon Territory or Stevens-Crawford Historic House.